Pest Control and Why You Should Take It Serious

Many homeowners have the misfortune in finding out they have pest issues when it’s to late. If you let these little things become a problem, you might be trying to get rid of skunks next.Take regular measures around the house to spot problems before they become costly. To start with lets figure out what types of pests homes can have. Lets start in the Kitchen, there is a lot of food and water. This can cause ants, roaches and other insects.

Some home owners don’t think this is a big deal but lets face it. When your home becomes hotspots for insects, it comes a hotspot for pests that feed on insects.


Check out this video below that goes into further details in this.





Living Room Decor

Spring is just around the corner and recently I have been thinking about how I can bring a little bit of this joyous season into our home. I love decorating to seasons and find that winter is nice and easy as I can accessorize with throw pillows, thick blankets, and a shaggy rug. Summer is also a favorite of mine as, to me, nothing says summer more than quirky vases filled with fresh cut flowers and vintage tea light holders. Spring always feels like the season of tidiness and organization so I thought I would put together a mood board of what my perfect spring themed living room would include.

The central focus of this room is the coffee table. I have fallen in love with table featured above as the clean lines along with the slightly vintage look and integrated storage space just scream spring at me. I would then pair this with the vintage style glass bottle vase with some fresh daffodils to complete the centerpiece to the room.
Green and yellow are colors that I associate most with spring and these throw pillows would suit the mood and style of the room perfectly. A light colored throw like the one pictured would be fantastic for those slightly chilly spring nights and this one made from 75% natural bamboo has actually gone on to my birthday wish list as I love it that much! The neutral color of this throw blends in with the room really well and wouldn’t clash with the bright colors of the throw pillows.
Lastly, I have included this huge storage unit that would be the perfect way to store all of your living room essentials like DVDs and (in my case) children’s toys after you have had that big spring clean.
If you fancy updating your living room for spring and want to purchase any of the items I have mentioned there here is your shopping list:
1. Coffee Table  – Fishpools
2. Vase –
3. Throw pillows – Zazzle
4. Throw – Fishpools
5. Storage unit – Ikea